Procedures for use of Sick Leave

An email in advance up to seven (7) days written notice of your session is preferable to allow for accommodations to your student (s). In unforeseeable circumstances please send an email in advance of your missed session to

Make ups, Handling Missed Sessions and Substitutes

For any time you use as sick time, you still have a responsibility to make up the hours. You will be paid for the make up hours regularly. Requesting three consecutive days of sick leave would require MPC to obtain a medical note. Your plan and make up schedule for any missed sessions need to be emailed to Nina for approval at; please also Cc

After we receive your email informing us of your planned missed time we will reach out to substitutes. If no substitute is available to cover, you will be able to make up the session with your student within the month and will mark the session as a “makeup” on your attendance form. Please note that makeups and regularly scheduled sessions cannot be conducted in any alternative setting other than what is approved on the IEP.

For those of you who would like to sign up and be on our substitute list please email .

You must submit a SEIT absentee note with your monthly paperwork to match the date of the email notification for reimbursement. Along with the two forms found on our website for verification and a plan for addressing your makeups. Please mail ALL originals requested herein with your monthly paperwork attention to “Rochelle.”

The above bolded steps are to be followed in their entirety for two purposes; to ensure the child does not miss their session and secondly for MPC to keep track of employee sick time.

All full time salary staff are entitled to 40 hours/ 5 sick days a year of paid sick leave. Employees can carry over accrued hours from previous school years (July-June) but can only use 40 hours a year max. Fee for service staff is entitled to 1 hour of paid sick leave per 30 hours worked and can only use 40 hours a year maximum. This time will be tracked on your invoices. It’s important for you to keep copies of your paperwork and track as well. You can easily obtain this data through the portal and even through your paystubs found on ADP.


Use of accrual starts 120 days after employment. Candidates eligible must work 80 + hours a calendar year, July – June. NYC Paid Sick Leave Law does not cover employees who work less than 80 hours a year. Staff is only able to use up to 4 hours of sick leave a day maximum.

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